Official Results of the 2015 E-ONE Fire Truck Pull





E-ONE’s 4th Annual Fire Truck Pull at the Stainless Manufacturing facility in Hamburg was another complete success! Visitors including fire fighters, families, and local residents began to arrive at 6 PM and kept coming throughout the evening’s activities.

There was plenty to see and do for all including lots of fire trucks, kids games, seeing how a fire truck is built on a plant tour, vendor showcases, and plenty of food provided by Firehouse Subs. Of Course, the main attraction was the Fire Truck Pull! The 1st place winner this year was Sunset Bay Fire Department, followed closely by the Mayville Fire Department. This year we had 20 teams participating, and all were looking forward to coming back next year to see if they can claim the 1st place title. Our 5th Annual Fire Truck Pull will be  Friday, July 15, 2016. We look forward to seeing even more teams go for the win!

Fire Truck Pull Results

2016 Truck Pull results


1st Place Winners: Sunset Bay Fire Department

Prizes: iPads for Each Team Member + $500 Tool Credit for their Fire Department Truck Pull 2015 1045

2nd Place Winners: Mayville Fire Department

Prizes: LCD TV  + $500 Tool Credit

Truck Pull 2015 1036

3rd Place Winners:  Jamison RD 1

Prizes: $500 Tool Credit

Truck Pull 2015 1021

Truck Pull 2015 685 Truck Pull 2015 087 Truck Pull 2015 244 Truck Pull 2015 907 Thanks to Our Sponsors

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